A New Coloring Book with Animals on the Phone!

Jun 25, 2024Amelie Legault
A New Coloring Book with Animals on the Phone!

Dear coloring book enthusiasts,


Welcome to a world where animals come to life in an entirely unexpected way: on the phone! We are thrilled to introduce this new coloring book, where each page takes you on an imaginative journey filled with amazing animal drawings that have a lot to say. Whether you're a coloring enthusiast, an animal lover, or a fan of vintage items, this coloring book will captivate your imagination and transport you to a unique and playful universe.


Funny Drawings!


In this coloring book, you'll encounter:

- The beaver and the fox gossiping about the neighbor

- The cat ordering treats while her kittens tangle in the rotary phone cord

- The koala inviting friends to his birthday party

- The ostrich waiting for her sister to hang up so she can have the line

- The raccoon checking in on his grandmother

- The moose calling a human

- The squirrel lodging a complaint with the nut distribution service

- The rabbit calling the grocery store to order his favorite carrot cake

- The lobster calling his sweetheart

- The turtle getting caught up answering a phone survey

- The octopus pressing the pound key to return to the main menu


Animals on the phone colouring book by Amelie Legault

Behind the Scenes of Creating a Coloring Book


Amélie's Technique


Each page is inspired by an illustration from the collection of animals on the phone painted with gouache. To create the coloring book, Amélie redraws them in black lines, adding other fun details to color. The drawings are meticulously created using digital art techniques with the help of Photoshop. She works passionately to bring these hilarious and endearing characters to life. Every detail, from facial expressions to accessories, is carefully considered to spark the imagination and enthusiasm of colorists of all ages. The cat, being the star of the collection, graces the cover page.


François' Final Touch


François, Amélie's partner and colleague, handles the graphic design for the project. Amélie writes a first draft of the text for the back cover of the coloring book and the biography inside. François refines these texts and they have them reviewed by François' very kind uncle, a retired translator. François then chooses the typography because Amélie freezes up with all the options! François also creates the final files and communicates with the printer.


Animals on the phone colouring book by Amelie Legault

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Amelie even illustrated a coloring book for the Sepaq

Cahier à colorier de poules par Amélie LegaultPink flamingo colouring book by Amelie LegaultDinosaurs colouring book by Amelie Legault


A Fun Coloring Experience


Coloring has never been this fun! Whether you are a child or an adult, our coloring book offers an enriching and entertaining coloring experience. Unleash your creativity by choosing from a range of vibrant colors to bring these unique animals to life. Whether you prefer to stick to natural colors or opt for a more whimsical approach, each page is a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch.


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Dinosaurs coloring book by Amelie Legault