Why I Love Painting Animal Illustrations: A Passion for Texture and Nature

Jun 19, 2024Amelie Legault
Why I Love Painting Animal Illustrations: A Passion for Texture and Nature

Painting animal illustrations is a true passion of mine, an activity that goes far beyond mere artistic creation. It’s a way to explore, understand, and celebrate the natural beauty of the world around us. I have a particular affection for the animals surrounding me, but I also have an obsession with flamingos! Using gouache as my medium of choice, I create illustrations that come to life on mugs, posters, greeting cards, and coloring books. Here’s why painting animals is such a precious activity for me.


The Magic of Textures: Feathers and Fur

One of the main reasons I love painting animal illustrations is the diversity and complexity of textures that can be captured. The soft fur of mammals, the delicate and shimmering feathers of birds—each detail offers a unique challenge and opportunity. Gouache, with its creamy texture and opaque colors, allows me to render these details with incredible richness and depth. If I painted humans, I would probably spend more time on hair than on skin!

When I paint the feathers of a blue jay or the fur of a fox, I lose myself in the subtleties of each hair and feather. It’s an immersive, almost meditative experience.


An Intimate Connection with Wildlife

By painting animal illustrations, I get to know them better. Carefully observing their shapes, behaviors, and habitats allows me to develop a deeper understanding and respect for them. This process of observation and artistic representation brings me closer to nature and opens my eyes to the richness of biodiversity around us, particularly in Quebec, where wildlife is especially varied and fascinating.


Squirrel on the phone sketchSquirrel on the phone posterSquirrel on the phone gouache paint

The Animals and Birds of Canada: An Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

Canada, with its rich and varied biodiversity, offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration. From majestic moose to tiny red squirrels, pretty chickens to joyful hummingbirds, each species is unique and fascinating. These animals are not only wonderful subjects for painting, but they also represent the beauty and diversity of our local environment.


Creating to Share: Mugs, Posters, Greeting Cards, and Coloring Books

By transforming my illustrations into everyday objects, I seek to create connections with those who appreciate my work. Each mug or greeting card is a small piece of art that can bring joy and beauty into someone's life. It’s a way to share my passion and introduce Canadian wildlife from a new and fun perspective.


You can find my animal illustrations in the form of:


bird magnetfox bike cardanimals coloring book
Humorous and Functional Animal Illustrations

I love adding a humorous touch to my animal illustrations by depicting them in quirky situations. Foxes talking on the phone, cats riding bicycles, or birds and chickens wearing shoes. My humorous illustrations add a playful dimension to my work. These creations can be found on mugs, posters, greeting cards, and even coloring books, bringing a touch of cheerfulness and originality to everyday life.

To see even more animal illustrations, check out my portfolio on Illustration Quebec.


Hen mugcat posteranimals coloring book



Painting animals is an activity that combines art technique, learning, and a love of nature. Through gouache, I can explore the fascinating textures of feathers and fur while establishing an intimate connection with each animal I paint. The Canadian animals and birds offer me a constant source of inspiration, and sharing these works through various mediums allows me to convey this passion to others.

It’s this combination of artistic challenge, discovery, and sharing that makes painting animals so special to me. Each illustration is a celebration of wildlife and an invitation to discover its hidden beauty. So why not take a moment to admire nature, perhaps with one of my illustrated mugs in hand?


Which animals do you love the most and why? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!**