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I give children workshops inspired by my children's book and the work of an artist! 



Animations en classe, rencontre d'auteure, d'autrice avec l'autrice et illustratrice québécoise Amélie Legault, simon le saumon, jeannette la crevette, hector l'alligator, animations, ateliers en bibliothèque, librairies, les fins finauds, les malins


Do you want to change the routine of your students? Invite me in your class!

I travel to elementary schools, bookstores and libraries in and around Montreal.

I divide my animations into 3 parts: I first talk about my job as an artist, author and illustrator and show examples of my work. I rely a lot on participation and discussion with the children. All their questions are welcome! I then dynamically read the book you selected by interacting with the children. At the end, I give them a creative coloring page adapted to their level where they will have to, for example, draw a friend for Simon or food in Hector's basket. I circulate between them to discuss their masterpiece!

Age: 4 to 8 years old.

Do you want to know my rates and availability? Write to me!