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Amélie LegaultI am Amélie, an artist from Montreal, Canada.
When I was a child, my mother taught me to paint. I painted a sparrow on a branch, a puppy on a pink background on an oval canvas (it was really kitsch...) and of course too many cats. As a teenager, I  was copying some of my father’s vinyl record covers and I marveled at the portraits of American stars my grandfather drew.
After studying visual arts and art history, as well as several years working in bookshops, I started this adventure with 6 pink flamingo birthday cards. The collection has since expanded, flamingos are now driving scooter and talking on the phone. Then I wanted to draw more animals from my region, and I thought: I'm going to make them ride bicycles, because that's hilarious! The family expanded again with animals from the savannah, the sea and the jungle. Now everyone rides a bike! But I also like to dress birds, so you will see at lot wearing shoes here! I draw these whimsical animals with pencils, markers, ink pens and gouache paint.

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Please note that I don't do personnal commissions or logos, thank you!