About me

Canadian artist, illustrator and children's books author. Art prints, greeting cards, coloring books, magnets and children's books with funny animals!

Amélie Legault

Hello and welcome! I am Amélie Legault, children's author, illustrator and artist from Montreal.

I have always enjoyed drawing, reading and writing. I studied visual arts, art history and I worked for a long time in bookstores.

As an artist, I started my adventure in 2013 with 6 flamingo greeting cards! Since then, I have created several collections: animals on bikes, flamingos doing yoga, sporty kiwis, birds wearing cool shoes and animals talking on the phone. These illustrations make everyone laugh! They are available as greeting cards, art prints, magnets, and coloring books in my Shop section and at my retailers.

I have also written and illustrated children's books

With Alaska

  • À la recherche de Rosie

With Les Malins

  • Simon le saumon,
  • Jeannette la crevette,
  • Pascal le cardinal,
  • Hector l’alligator 
  • Thomas le chat et les émotions
  • Edmond le hérisson
  • Pierrette la poulette

These books are available in French in bookstores and on the publishers websites.

I also give workshops for elementary schools, bookstores and libraries about my books, and my artwork. You can find more information in the Workshops section.

My studio

My computer a drawing tablet
Comfy chair My chair with my pillows
Drafting table Often I take out my Gouache paints and create
Yoga mat Always stretch before and after work