The Melody of the Forest: A New Collection of Baby Animal Posters

Jun 26, 2024Amelie Legault
Baby animals playing music with vintage toys by Amelie Legault

In the world of art and interior decoration, a new collection of posters stands out for its vintage charm and its ability to evoke childhood memories and nature's animals. Titled The Melody of the Forest, this series of gouache paintings features six adorable designs of baby animals playing with vintage toy musical instruments. Each toy, from iconic brands such as Fisher Price and Playskool, brings a touch of nostalgia that will delight both young and old.


The baby animals collection include: 


A Baby Cougar with a Guitar

The first poster in this collection shows a baby cougar, with eyes sparkling with curiosity, strumming the strings of a colorful toy guitar. The rounded shapes and bright colors of the instrument recall classic vintage toys, adding a sweetness and innocence to this delightful scene.


Baby cougar playing guitar art poster

A Baby Raccoon at the Piano

The second poster presents a baby raccoon sitting in front of a small vintage toy piano. Its tiny paws tap the multicolored keys with adorable concentration. The instrument, emblematic of retro toys, evokes the early musical discoveries of childhood.


Baby raccoon playing piano art poster

A Baby Deer with a Microphone

The third poster captures a baby deer joyfully singing into a toy microphone while recording itself. The microphone, with its retro design and bright colors, immediately transports viewers to a playful and nostalgic world. The deer, with its mischievous look, seems to be having as much fun as its imaginary audience.


Baby deer singing art poster

A Baby Wolf with a Xylophone

The fourth poster shows a baby wolf enthusiastically playing on a toy xylophone. The bars of the instrument, painted in the bright colors typical of vintage toys, create a musical rainbow under the little wolf's paws. This scene brings back memories of hours spent exploring and creating joyful melodies.


Baby wolf playing xylophone art poster

A Baby Owl with a Trumpet

The penultimate poster features a baby owl blowing into a toy trumpet. With its eyes closed and focused, the owl adds a touch of magic and mystery to this musical scene. The trumpet, with its golden finish and retro design, perfectly completes this charming and nostalgic image.


Baby owl playing trumpet art poster

A Baby Bear talking in the Phone, the Manager

To conclude the collection, a baby bear, sitting with a toy phone to its ear, embodies the role of the musical group's manager. Its amused expression matches the playful nature of the colorful phone, adding a humorous and realistic dimension to this scene. This bear, although small, seems to take its role as manager of this group of baby animals very seriously.


Baby bear talking on the phone art poster

A Symphony of Memories and Emotions with vintage toys

The Melody of the Forest is not just a collection of posters; it's a gateway to a world where nature and nostalgia meet. Each gouache painting features baby animals and vintage toys, creating a visual and emotional harmony that touches the heart. Each poster celebrates childhood and the simple joy of playing, making this collection a perfect choice to add a touch of charm and nostalgia to any living space.


Whether to decorate:

- A child's room,

- A nursery,

- A playroom,


The baby animals of The Melody of the Forest bring an atmosphere of serenity, happiness, and inspiration. Dive into this enchanting universe and let yourself be carried away by the gentle melodies of the forest and the memories of yesteryear. Find the collection here in the store. Have fun combining them to create your own musical duo, trio, or quartet!

Baby animals playing music