6 Pack - Fashionable Bird Cards

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Introducing our 6-Pack of Fashionable Bird Greeting Cards – because why should humans have all the style fun? This avian ensemble features the trendiest birds in town: the Blue Jay, strutting its azure feathers like a runway pro; the Cardinal, sporting a vibrant red plumage that puts any fashionista to shame; the Goldfinch, turning heads with its golden flair; the Chickadee, rocking the classic blue and white look; the Robin, making a statement in winter boots, and last but not least, the Hummingbird, flitting about like a tiny fashionista on a caffeine high.

These cards are not just for the birds – they're for the fashion-forward, the feather enthusiasts, and anyone with a sense of humor as light as a feather. Whether you're sending a birthday wish or just tweeting to say hello, these cards will have your recipients chirping with joy. Because when it comes to style, even the birds on these cards know that looking fly is for the birds! Get ready to wing it in the most fashionable way possible!