Where to Find Beautiful Coffee Mugs?

Mar 21, 2024Amelie Legault
cat on the phone mug, beautiful coffee mugs

Dear coffee, tea, and flavor aficionados,

François (my new director of everything except drawing) and I are proud to present to you our new collection of beautiful coffee mugs that combine quality, originality, and creativity. With its vibrant and lively illustrations, this series of mugs is sure to delight all art, animal, caffeine, theine, herbal tea, and hot chocolate enthusiasts!


hen coffee mugbird coffee mugwhale coffee mug

Artisan Creation Process

What makes our mugs so special is the meticulous sublimation process we use to print the images directly onto the ceramic. We work with artisan precision to ensure that every detail of the image is faithfully reproduced on each mug.

The sublimation process begins with printing the special image on a special printer using special ink on special paper. Then, we delicately apply the image to the special mug and heat it to high temperatures. Once heated, sublimation turns the ink into gas, allowing the image to penetrate deeply into the surface of the mug. Finally, we carefully remove the paper to reveal the glossy illustration, creating a durable impression resistant to scratches and dishwasher safe. We use high-quality inks and papers specially designed for sublimation to ensure outstanding results.

Once cooled, the animal mug is ready for use. And there you have it, a unique piece, with your favorite image ready to accompany your moments of relaxation, reflection, or simple daily pleasure.

cute animals coffee mugs

A Collection Full of Charm and Humor

This new collection of beautiful mugs features a variety of illustrations. Animal lovers, there's a mug for you in this collection.

  • Animals on the phone: Dive into a world where animals make phone calls with style and humor.
  • Animals on bikes: Hold onto your handlebars and embark on an adventure with these adorable two-wheeled creatures.
  • Fashionable hens: Get ready to smile as you discover these funny hens sporting stylish shoes.
  • Fashionable birds: Let yourself be carried away by the charm of these north american birds, especially shoed for the occasion.
  • Flamingos: Immerse yourself in a tropical universe with these elegant and surprising flamingos.

Each mug is not only a visual treat but also a functional item that you can use every day. Whether it's for your morning coffee, your afternoon tea, or even as a decorative element, these mugs are sure to bring smiles.

cute animals coffee mugs

Availability and Ordering

The beautiful mug collection is available for purchase on our website and at select retail locations including Espace Flo in Ahuntsic. Don't miss the opportunity to own these unique collectibles that add a touch of magic to every moment of your day.