Seek and find book, À la recherche de Rosie FRENCH


À la recherche de Rosie! It's a FRENCH seek-and-find book where all of the characters are pink flamingos. 

Ah! Rosie has lost her ukulele, umbrella, and lunchbox again! Her little brother Rosaire lost Huguette the shrimp, his favorite toy!
That's not all! Everywhere they go, flamingos misplace objects. Rosario leaves his library books lying around everywhere, Rosalia loses all her flutes: her yellow flute, her red flute, her blue flute, and Atchoo! We're looking for the tissue box!
Would you help Rosie, Rosaire and their friends find what they lost?

Discover hidden objects by hovering over double-page spreads using the Alaska app.

Size : 20,32 cm x 27,94 cm hardcover, 44 pages.

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