Oct 31, 2023Amelie Legault
heure du conte avec Amélie Legault, autrice et illustratrice

It's storytime! 😀
Wednesday November 8 at 5:30 p.m., I will read Edmond the hedgehog and How to dress your hippopotamus in winter at Café boutique les Malins! 🦔
The reading will be followed by a drawing activity for your little ones (and you, if you want)! 😃

Edmond the hedgehog is going around in circles. He is looking for a fun activity, but Edmond is clumsy, he lacks balance and coordination!
Accompanied by his friends, Edmond tries obstacle course, ball, gymnastics, ballet, yoga, music, skating, skipping rope, skiing, juggling, hopping and karate, but nothing helps! Nothing works for Edmond!
What could be fun for Edmond?

For 3 to 9 years old, in French, published by Les Éditions Les Malins, Les fins finauds collection.

Edmond le hérisson, collection les fins finauds, les éditions les Malins, par Amélie Legault

Oh ! Oh ! In winter, Cleo the hippo finds that it's not warm when you have nothing on your back!

Board book for 0-3 year olds, in French published by Les Éditions les Malins.

Comment habiller son hippopotame en hiver par l'autrice illustratrice Amélie Legault, tout-carton aux éditions les malins

See you there! 

Oct 31, 20230 commentsAmelie Legault