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Sep 13, 2021Amelie Legault
Exposition Librairie L'intrigue, Simon le saumon, Amélie Legault, livre pour enfants

I invite you to visit the Autour de Simon exhibition at Librairie L’Intrigue in St-Hyacinthe! The exhibition features the original gouaches of my book Simon le saumon and my illustrations of fish that preceded and followed Simon.

It was while drawing the trout on a bicycle that I fell in love with fish! I like to draw their texture and their always a little confused faces. Then I wanted to draw fish wearing hatsh. Which led me to create a collection of Christmas cards called The chilly fish; fish dressed for winter! They were so popular that I quickly made them available as art prints. I then accompanied them with their summer version: the Tanned fish.

The idea of ​​a book with Quebec fishes was developed after the chilly fish and the tanned fish. I discovered that all these fish have very funny names. I had fun writing rhymes and painting funny pictures. I added Simon who is looking for Germaine in order to create a common thread through all these fish. While discussing with Éditions Les Malins, wacky information sheets came to complete the project.

After Simon le saumon, I haven't lost my love for fish! I did not hesitate to add the Barbotte on the telephone to my  Animals on the telephone collection. It is also with great enthusiasm that I was inspired by the phrase Perchaude possessed by Satan from the song Sagouine n 'Roses to participate in the drawing competition on Friday January 15 on François Pérusse's Facebook page. To my surprise, I won first prize with my satanic perch!

The exhibition is until January 2022.

L’Intrigue Bookstore: 415 Av. De l'Hotel-Dieu, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 5J6

Open Monday to Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Exposition Autour de Simon, Amélie Legault, Librairie l'Intrigue




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