New art print! Elvis the Siamese!

Jul 01, 2020Amelie Legault
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You probably didn't know, because I never talked about it on social media, but I love true-crime stories. I listen to podcasts in my studio while I paint cute animals! 

I particularly like the true-crime comedy podcast My Favorite Murder. You may think true-crime and comedy don't mix, but Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark do it to perfection. They have their own way of dealing with horrible events through humor. 

Elvis is Georgia's famous siamese cat. You can hear him meow at the end of every episode when she asks: Elvis, want a cookie?

''You're in a cult, call you dad'' is one of MFM most popular quote, and it was a perfect addition to this portrait.

It was also a challenge, because it had to look like Elvis, not just like any Siamese. 

I hope you, true-crime and MFM fans out there will like it! 

The Elvis on the phone print is available to purchase here


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