I give children workshops inspired by my children's book and the work of an artist! 
Photo de l'autrice et illustratrice québécoise Amélie Legault entrain de faire la lecture de son livre pour enfants Jeannette la crevette au Café-Boutique Les Malins, les fins finauds, photo of canadian children's book author and illustrator


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Join me for an exciting class experience! I visit elementary schools, bookstores, and libraries in and around Montreal, bringing creativity and fun to young minds.

My class is divided into three engaging parts: First, I introduce myself as an artist, author, and illustrator, showcasing examples of my work while encouraging participation and discussion. I love answering all their questions!

Next, I bring the selected book to life through dynamic storytelling, interacting with the children to make the story truly come alive.

To wrap up, I provide a creative coloring page tailored to their level. Whether it's drawing a new friend for Simon or filling Hector's basket with delicious food, I encourage their imagination to soar. I circulate among the children, discussing their masterpieces and offer guidance.

As a proud participant in the 'La culture à l'école' program of RÉPERTOIRE CULTURE-ÉDUCATION, I ensure a rich and educational experience for children aged 4 to 8 years old.

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Let's spark creativity together!"