Flamingo yoga poster with 25 asanas

$15.00 $25.00

Poster of flamingos yogis, yoga for flamingos and for you!

A great way to learn the Sanskrit name, each is written under the pose.
In order you will find: Downward facing dog, the Eagle, the Plank, the Pigeon 2, the Warrior 1, the Dancer, the Plow, the Warrior 2, the Bow, the Wide Angle, the Sleeping Angle. the Candle, a Twist, the Tree, the Camel, the Triangle, the Happy Baby, a balance pose, the Bridge, a Lunge twist pose, Pigeon 1, a headstand, the Half-bridge, the Raven and the meditation position.

  • Size: 18 '' x 24 '' (45.72cm x 60.96cm), only size available
  • Offset printing on slightly satin paper, 200M
  • True to my original ink marker drawings
  • The poster will be rolled inside a mailing tube
  • Signed
  • Frame not included