The Ahuntsic map is now available!

Nov 27, 2020Amelie Legault
Carte Ahuntsic, Montreal, carte de Montreal, Quartier de Montréal, espace flo, amélie legault, affiche, décoration, ahuntsic map

The Ahuntsic map is a collaboration between Karine Demers, owner of the Espace Flo store in Ahuntsic, and me. Our beloved neighbourhood didn't have its map yet so Karine came up with the idea and I drew it. 

Ahuntsic people will recognize our iconic church, Fleury street small businesses and our animals: the geese, the wild turkeys and the coyotes! 

It is very different from what I usually draw, but I really enjoyed this challenge and I am very honoured Karine asked me to do it! I love my neighbourhood so much and I hope our map of it will make you smile and proud! 

Espace Flo also sells t-shirts, crew-necks and tote-bags with our Ahuntsic's map in-store and online.

Carte d'Ahuntsic, arrondissement ahuntsic cartier-ville, amelie legault, espace flo, affiche, décoration, montréal, carte de montréal, quartier montréalais

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