Discover Our New Animal Magnet Sets: More Fashionable Birds and Chickens!

Jul 04, 2024Amelie Legault
Animals magnet set by Amelie Legault

New Designs Added to the Animal Magnet Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our new sets of animal magnets designed to bring a touch of whimsy and color to your daily life. You already loved our Fashionable Birds and Fashionable Hens sets. So, here they are: More Fashionable Birds and More Fashionable Hens! Our magnets are handmade in our workshop in Montreal, where each piece is carefully assembled and packaged. They are printed from gouache-painted illustrations to ensure unmatched quality and originality.

More Fashionable Bird Magnets

The first set of Fashionable bird magnets featured the Blue Jay in Doc Martens, the Cardinal in Converse, the Goldfinch, and the Chickadee in running shoes. Our new set of four trendy bird magnets includes:

- Woodpecker: An elegant woodpecker sporting running shoes, ready to fly at full speed.

- Hummingbird: This hummingbird also wears running shoes, adding a sporty touch to its graceful silhouette.

- American Robin: Dressed in winter boots with a winter hat, this robin is ready to brave the coldest weather.

- American Redstart: With its colorful Crocs, this redstart adds a relaxed and summery note.


More fashionable bird magnet

More Fashionable Hens Magnets

Our first set of trendy chicken magnets included a chicken in Doc Martens, a chicken in Converse, a chicken in Phentex slippers, and a chicken in sandals with socks. We've also created a new set of chicken magnets, each representing a chicken in a unique and amusing outfit:

- Hen n in Crocs: Comfort and style meet here.

- Hen in Rain Boots: Perfect for rainy days, this chicken is ready to splash around.

- Hen in Roller Skates: Always on the move, this chicken loves to glide.

- Hen in Ice Skates: Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts.


more fashionable hen magnet

An Elaborate Collection of Animal Magnets

Our collection of animal magnet sets doesn't stop there. We also offer two other varied sets, each with its unique theme:

- Animals on the Phone: A raccoon, a rabbit, a cat, and a fox.

- Dinosaurs on bikes: A T-Rex on a skateboard, a Stegosaurus on a scooter, a Brontosaurus on a bicycle, and a Triceratops on a tricycle.


Animals on the phone magnet set by Amelie LegaultDinosaurs on bikes magnet set by Amelie Legault

Handmade in Our Studio

The illustrations are printed on our high-quality printer, the same one that prints our posters. The images are then cut into circles. We use a magnet press for manufacturing. The animal magnets are then packaged in sets of four using a backing board and a bag.


The Perfect Gift

Our animal magnets are more than just decorative accessories. They are practical and add a touch of humor and creativity to your space. Perfect as gifts for teachers or small presents for Christmas stockings, our magnets are a fun way to show your loved ones you care. Whether on the fridge, filing cabinet, locker, or board, our magnets will make everyone smile.


Animal Fridge magnet by Amélie Legault


Each magnet in our collection is a miniature work of art, originally painted in gouache with care and love. We hope our creations bring you as much joy as we had in designing them. Discover our new collection now and let yourself be charmed by our animal magnet sets.